Watertown, No. 5

According to someone who apparently studies this and has a bit of time on their hands, Watertown, South Dakota is the fifth coldest city in the United States. Nearly half of the winter, there is snow on the ground in Watertown.

5. Watertown, South Dakota

Average winter temperature 2009: 16.9 degrees

Coldest day: -29.2 degrees, January 2

Warmest day: 70 degrees, March 30

Days with snow: 45%

And if extremely cold weather isn’t bad enough for ya, “comedian” Pauly Shore will be hitting town on December 16, performing at a place called Minervas.

One of the local boys has written about it.

To commemorate the event, sort of, my brother sent me a list of the America’s Coldest Cities and two of them are places I have lived and that places that Pauly will be heading to on his tour of places that no comedian dares to go in the middle of December.

Coming in at # 5 was the place I was born and raised, Watertown, SD. I call it the place where wind doesn’t stop. Summertime, Fall, Spring and especially in Winter, that place was so cold that we used to pull everything out of the freezer and huddled inside it to warm up! Maybe Pauly Shore will use that joke in his stand up routine. I doubt it.

Don’t get me wrong, I am a cold weather kind of guy, and prefer air conditioning to sweltering heat any time. I am not so sure that Pauly Shore knows what he has gotten himself into, and he probably doesn’t care. I am sure the folks will have a good time going to see his act though, that is, of course, if they don’t have to close the bar at Minervas the night of the event because patrons might not be able to get the chunks of vodka out of their glasses!

Go Watertown Arrows football, and the people who bravely live in the places that Pauly will be visiting soon!


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