“How bad is her head?” I dunno. You tell me, #Podesta. #Hillary & her #health, man. So #Nixonian.

“Any sense of whether and when she wants to talk?”

I doubt it.

How bad is her head?”

That’s what I’d like to know, too. I, as one of the voters, one of the masses known as the American people, deserve answers. We must demand them, and if she is so unwilling to be forthright and honest with us, then she should be rejected at the ballot box.


Another book for me to read. It’s about the Dust Bowl, the Great Depression & FDR’s New Deal in South Dakota.


A new book “evaluates South Dakotans’ efforts to avoid both starvation and federal dependence as they endured the worst natural and economic disaster of modern times.”

Since many of my relatives, mostly farmers, lived in South Dakota during this time, I am interested in learning more about it. It was a time of drought, when sand and dirt storms would inundate the skies, making the farmland useless. Some years the only plant that would grow was the Russian thistle. Cattle would munch on it for sustenance.

I have talked with my great uncle about his experiences then. He was born in 1915 and I have interviewed him off-and-on for many years. He is still going strong at 101.

Then came the crash and the Great Depression.

“At the height of the depression, New Deal programs supported nearly half of the state’s population. With drought, grasshoppers and low commodity prices delivering the final blows in a long economic slump, many residents fled. Others held on with the aid of President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s relief programs, administered by politicians like Tom Berry, South Dakota’s colorful Democratic governor.”

One of my grandpa’s worked with the WPA, the Works Progress Administration, which was part of FDR’s New Deal.


“These are not your father’s Republicans.” 😈 Yes, now we fight back, tooth & nail. 😠

“One of the problems, though, is that our Republican colleagues are all good, honorable guys, the guys I mentioned. But it’s that old bad joke, what happens when the dog catches the bus? Well, they caught the bus in 2010, they got this majority in the House, and these are not your father’s Republicans.”

Vice President Joe Biden complains that newly-elected conservatives do not want to play ball on federal spending. Of course, Republican leadership do it anyway, having meetings and making deals, sometimes secretly.

And this helps give rise to a rebellion, culminating in Trump winning the Republican nomination in 2016.


Ridiculously biased headlines in the Alaska Dispatch News today, regurgitating media bias



Part of the problem with the major news outlets these days is the constant regurgitation of biased reporting from elsewhere. In this case, the Alaska Dispatch News reprints two reports, one from The Washington Post and the other from The New York Times. Both of these newspapers’ newsrooms are incredibly liberal and leftist. This is evident in their coverage against Trump and Republicans.