Dana Carvey & John McLaughlin, love ’em both

Comedian Dana Carvey, who parodied The McLaughlin Group and its host John McLaughlin on Saturday Night Live, making the pundit a pop culture icon in the 1990s, paid tribute to the man.

McLaughlin was “an American original. Quick-witted and funny,” Carvey said.

“I loved impersonating him on SNL. His speaking rhythms were so quirky and musical that my impression didn’t have to be exaggerated much to get big laughs.”


Some thoughts on Kellyanne Conway

I first became aware of Kellyanne Conway, who Donald Trump has hired to run his campaign, after tuning in to a public TV show called To The Contrary, a cheap knockoff of The McLaughlin Group with an all-women panel. Watching it made me dumber.

How production has lasted so long is a fine example of damn-the-ratings, we’re public television thinking. Much of the discussion week-to-week is little more than inside the Beltway pandering.

And that’s why I will always have reservations about Kellyanne, God love her.


Thank God. I hate open showers. I’m sure most kids will appreciate this.


Privacy is a big deal with me. Always has been. I have never understood the communal locker room showers.

I can understand it in communal, commie countries like mainland China, where I was forced to do the same. I dubbed that place the gulag showers because that’s pretty much what it was. Anyone could and would go there for a shower.

It was near our hotel, the worst hotel in the city. Our host was too cheap and greedy to splurge on anything else. An older American couple part of our entourage were the only ones with a shower in their room and this was used mostly by the women and girls. Trying to book it was like trying to get the hotel staff to do anything, such as fulfill their promise of laundry service.

My dirty clothes were sitting by the front desk for days, so long that I started a trend. Soon there was a huge pile of people’s clothes, which everyone eventually took back because no one ever came to pick them up for cleaning. This was probably for the best because who know if and when we’d ever get them back.

I’ve been an even bigger critic of the PRC ever since that bizarre trip.



Like JFK before him, voter fraud helped elect Barack Obama

And it will help Hillary too

Whether or not it was enough to influence the outcomes of the 2008 and 2012 elections hasn’t been studied closely enough.

What we do know is that Obama would not have had enough signatures to get on the ballot in at least one county in Indiana. And that’s after just one reporter started digging around and asking questions.

Most media outlets have ignored the subject and will continue to do just that.


The lack of a visa didn’t stop him from being hired nor did the lack of a license keep him from driving

Businesses that hire illegal immigrants must pay for this. I will be looking up the names of these three. Because of their greed, a girl is dead, murdered by the man they hired.

“He had lived and worked in a Chicago suburb, in Soap Lake, Washington, and on a ranch in Central Washington near Warden. At least twice, he came into the type of contact with law enforcement agencies that could have led to him being sent back to Mexico, government records show.”

This is outrageous!

“Instead, he was allowed to remain in the United States. His English was limited, but neither that nor a lack of a visa kept him from working in construction, just as the lack of a driver’s license didn’t keep him from driving.”

The corrupt businesses and their colluding buddies in government must be made to pay for not enforcing our laws. They are taking advantage of the illegals and the American people. And it needs to stop. Now.



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