Finally, After All These Years, A Breakthrough

The last will & testament of Samuel Hill, dated 1772 and found in the probate records of Jones County, North Carolina.
The last will & testament of Samuel Hill, dated 1772 and found in the probate records of Jones County, North Carolina, mentions his mother Sarah and Bucks County, Pennsylvania.

Samuel Hill
of Jones County, North Carolina
& His Mother Sarah in

It looks like we finally have a breakthrough on the Hill family. Combining the power of DNA and a bit of genealogical detective work, I have found a connection between two of the genetic lines in the Hill DNA Project that are clearly related. But how was unknown until some of the puzzle was unraveled today by the last will and testament of one Samuel Hill, a resident of North Carolina. I’m guessing that Samuel Hill is the grandfather or uncle of Joseph Hill, husband of Mary Warren, as detailed in the lineage of Kit 74401.

Samuel Hill of Jones County, North Carolina mentions his mother, Sarah of Bucks County, Pennsylvania, in his will, dated 1772. Bucks County is where I happened to find a group of people named Hill and another named Crooks living in close proximity to one another. It was a hunch that has apparently paid off. One of my ancestor James Hill’s sons is named John Crooks Hill. Now there is another piece of evidence pointing to Bucks County, PA as the likely birthplace of James Hill, husband of Sarah ‘Sallie’ Tidd, who lived to the age of 99 and died in Ohio.

First, there’s the DNA. The genetics of the Y chromosome show a close relationship between Joseph Hill, whose obituary provides a lot of details, including connections to Jones County, North Carolina, and my ancestor James Hill. Second, there’s the Crooks family living close to the Hills in Bucks County, Pennsylvania. Third, there’s the will mentioning Sarah Hill and Bucks County.


The President and the Pope


The “president” of the People’s Republic of China — the PRC — is in town today, staying at the Westin in downtown Seattle, they say. That’s the circular hotel buildings that proudly fly the PRC flagthe bright red commie flag — every single day of the year despite being firmly planted on American soil.

Many streets are blocked off and the police presence is something to see. It’s not as bad as I had expected, however, based on what I heard on the radio this morning. How much overtime is that? And who’s paying the bill? I doubt it’s the Chinese government. Most likely it’s on the taxpayer dime.

635785156145378337-ChinaProtestSeattle092215There appear to be Secret Service around, too. I noticed some Secret Service types near the federal courthouse, where there are several pro- and anti- protestors. There’s a significant Falun Gong delegation and the Chinese government appears to have recruited quite a few supporters to counter them.

I also noticed quite a bit of food on hand for the protestors. Not sure if it’s for the pro-commies or anti-crowd. My guess is it’s for the pro-government folk. If I had time I’d try to crash their lunch to sample what their eating. You know me.

And the Pope is coming, too, not to Seattle, but to the United States.


The Russians

I’m beginning to hate the Russians as much as some Poles do.

WARSAW, Poland (AP) — In a new dispute exposing the complexity of Poland’s relations with Russia, Moscow is threatening Warsaw with “most serious consequences” for dismantling a monument to a Soviet World War II general. . . .

The Russians are lucky they aren’t dealing with me. I probably would have blown the thing to smithereens.

The authorities in Pieniezno want to send Charnyakhovsky’s monument to Russia, where he is a national hero.

Well, Mr. Putin, do you want the damn monument or should we just dump it in the Baltic?


Clues in Joseph Hill’s Obituary

The obituary of Joseph Hill, a distant cousin shown to be related to my Hill family by DNA, included some interesting details, possible clues as to where to track down more information. It was published in The Christian Index, a Baptist newspaper in Georgia,

Joseph Hill died at his home in Worth County in southern Georgia on August 10th, 1858.

“Joseph Hill was united with the Chiquepin Chapel, Baptist Church, in the 23rd year of his age, and was baptized by the Rev John Kounce in the State of North Carolina.”

The word Chiquepin appears to be misspelled. A cursory search using Google located a Chinquapin Chapel Baptist Church in rural Jones County near Trenton, North Carolina and the site of a Civil War battle. There is also a place called Chinquapin in Duplin County, North Carolina. I am hoping to find evidence of him in either of these places.

Another big clue is the name of his apparent mentor, the Reverend John Kounce. So I will be hunting him down, too, or at least trying to.



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