And Yet Another?

Earlier today I came upon what looked like yet another sister of my great-great grandmother. While following up on Wednesday’s revelation that a sister named Dora Blanche lived in California, I discovered a woman named Clara Ellen Seay, maiden name Boal. She was born on November 7, 1870 in Iowa and died in 1951 in Los Angeles. Her mother’s maiden name was Foster while her father’s surname was Boal. That would make for five sisters: Clara, Dora or Blanche, Jennie, Stella and Nettie, my great-great grandmother. Yet, in digging a bit deeper I’ve found that Clara’s parents are not the same as the other four. Clara’s father was Robert Boal, a stone mason, and her mother was Lydia Ann Foster.


The Lost Sister

There’s another sister?! There’s another sister!

While poking around the online family tree I’ve been updating regularly on FamilySearch I clicked on one of the automatically generated clues and boy wasn’t I surprised.

A woman named Dora Blanche Boal married a man named Fleming in 1895 in Washington County, Iowa. And her parents were named Boal and Foster!

She’s another sister of my great-great grandmother, Nettie Ann Bowl. So that’s now four sisters: Nettie, Jennie, Stella & Dora Blanche. Apparently she later went by the name Blanche rather than Dora.

How I missed her I don’t know. I’m gonna have to track down who took care of her after their parents died so tragically young.


Bucks County, Pennsylvania?


This may be a new lead in the hunt for the elusive Hill clan in early Pennsylvania. On the 1790 census for Bucks County, there are some familiar names: James Hill and a few folks with the name Crooks. There’s Thomas Hill, James Hill, Nathan Crooks, Mary Crooks, and William Crooks. Was James Hill, future husband of Sarah Tidd, living in Bucks County in 1790 rather than what I had assumed, Northumberland County?


Summit County?

A map of Summit County, Ohio with the municipalities and townships labeled.
A map of Summit County, Ohio with the municipalities and townships labeled.

I’ve been looking for the birthplace of my great-great grandfather John Conner for a very long time now. Someone using the site Ancestry has added it to their family treeSummit County, Ohio.

I’ve looked through the sources for this, but can’t find anything to back it up. Whether or not, John was born in Summit County I don’t know. I have found any evidence either way. I’m recording it here, so I have some sort of log of it.

What makes me a bit cautious is the name of his wife. The person has it as Mary Ellen Catherine Lint. I have never seen Ellen C. Lint referred to as Mary Ellen. Perhaps two people are being confusingly merged together into one. I’ve seen it happen before.

For example, Martha Ann Marsh, who married Henry N. Hill, and Martha Ann Hill are two distinct individuals, but sometimes get confused.

Ellen’s birth date is recorded as August 6, 1848 in Story County, Iowa. In fact, she was born in Pennsylvania on August 20, 1850. This is well documented. I’m not sure why there are so many errors on this particular family tree.

But I will be following up on the reference to Summit County to see if I can find any documentation linking the family there. Summit County is centered around Akron.


1865 — A.D.


Even while serving during the Civil War, taxes still had to be paid.

This is the 1865 tax assessment of the grandfather, A. D. Foster, of my great-great grandmother, Nettie Ann Boal. His full name is Azariah Doane Foster. He served in Company C of the 63rd Ohio Infantry Regiment. When my great-great grandmother’s parents died, Azariah and his wife took on the task of raising the granddaughters: Jennie, Stella and Nettie. Decades later Stella still used the name Foster as the name of her parents, despite the fact that her birth name was Boal.

A distant cousin has written a book on Azariah’s grandfather, Ichabod. When I get a chance I will be reading it.


Herman, Pauline & Family

Herman Lentz and Pauline Fromke pose for a photo with their children.
Herman Lentz and Pauline Fromke pose for a photo with their children.

It really is amazing what you can find online. My latest discovery is pics of family from my Mother’s side of the family, specifically my great-great aunt and uncle, Herman Lentz and Pauline Fromke. Someone added them to a family tree on Ancestry.

Herman Lentz as a younger man.
Herman Lentz as a younger man, possibly his engagement photo.

My Mom has talked in the past about being double cousins with a branch of the family in North Dakota. Pauline is the sister of my great grandfather, Albert Fromke, and Herman is the brother of my great grandmother, Augusta Lentz. The puzzle that is the family tree is coming together bit by bit. Albert and Pauline’s parents are Carl Fromke and Caroline Radde. Augusta and Herman’s parents are Ludwig Lentz and Marie Scharnofske.

What is particularly interesting to me is information on the family tree.

Herman was born in “Steitch, Germany.” I don’t know anything about this place. I don’t recall having seen it before. I’ll have to investigate the spelling and see if I can find a copy of the original source.

In 1880, at the age of 16, he is recorded as living in Wausau, Wisconsin, though I am not sure about the accuracy of this because he supposedly emigrated in 1883 or 1893. I’m guessing 1883 is the right year.

They were married in 1889, in Baltimore, Maryland, according to the source on Ancestry. Why Baltimore? There were some folks named Fromke living there going back to the 1840s.

These latest discoveries should provide excellent opportunities for further documenting the family tree.



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