Down with Lincoln!

This is from Mohammed Ibrahim Ludwick, an American convert to Islam. Unsurprisingly, he attended Evergreen State College, a bastion of radicalism located in the Pacific Northwest.

America haters unite! I take this very seriously. Though he apparently lives overseas now, such people should be stripped of citizenship. He is advocating terrorism. If he had any honor, he would renounce his.

Ironically, and without realizing his contradiction, he later mentions forcing slaves to do it.


A moderate case of COVID

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According to this infographic, I experienced a moderate case of COVID-19.

I had a high fever for about 3½ weeks with an intermittent sore and swelling throat, which started about a week prior.

I will be looking through my Twitter feed for a more detailed look back. I documented my experiences there in microblog fashion.


In your own house? Even if you live alone?

A bureaucrat in Broward County, Florida has issued an emergency order which directs residents to wear face masks in their own homes or risk being cited and fined.

Broward County Administrator Bertha Henry issued Emergency Order 20-22, which imposes a curfew and bans gatherings of 10 or more people.

The order also mandates “facial covering requirements” for people inside their own homes.

“All persons who reside on any residential property, whether single family or multi-family, and irrespective of whether they own or rent the property, must ensure that all persons on the residential property, including guests, comply with all applicable guidelines of any Broward County Emergency Order, including the facial covering requirements.”


Another book to read, A Week at the Fair


It is about the 1893 World’s Fair, called the Columbian Exposition, in Chicago. It was a celebration of Christopher Columbus and his discovery of the New World. The fair showcased many inventions and creations. It was a remarkable event.

My great-great-grandfather lived there at the time. My great-grandmother was a baby and became a toddler while living in Little Italy.

Often I first search Google Books and then, if unsuccessful, I use the HathiTrust.


Ten Senate candidates who I am tracking



The Democrats, led by the DSCC, are trying to flip the Senate with at least four wins out of the ten. I don’t know much about them. Haven’t even heard of most of ’em, which is a good sign for the Republicans.

I know a bit about Kelly, Bullock, McGrath, and Hickenlooper. The others I am just learning about.

I despise both major parties, and I don’t hold out much hope for America. Can we trust any of these candidates? I doubt it. Most do not have the courage to buck their parties or the system.

We need to develop a new, strong third party with good candidates.