“The American government is a very volatile, dangerous mechanism,” so we should elect Hillary, says LouisCK


“The American government is a very volatile, dangerous mechanism, and Hillary has the most experience with it.”

Comedian Louis C.K. said this in an interview with New York magazine.

So we should elect her?! WTF?

So I can add Mr. C.K. to my list of totally stupid celebrities. Utterly clueless.

The government is a volatile and dangerous BECAUSE of Hillary! She is dangerous and very volatile. Just look up the items she threw around the White House as First Lady. Read what she said to Secret Service agents, how she berated and denigrated them.


Mr. Duck Dynasty, Phil Robertson, gently chides the Trump holdouts with some words of wisdom

Former presidential hopefuls, such as Jeb Bush, John Kasich and Ted Cruz, “need to learn how to forgive and love their neighbor,” Robertson says.

“When the disciples came to Jesus and said, ‘how many times should we forgive someone who sins against us? Seven?’ Which to them was a lot, because in America about three strikes and you’re out. You do me wrong three times and you’re out. But they were being generous by saying, ‘How many times should we forgive someone, Lord? Seven?’ And Jesus’ reply was ‘70 times 7.’”


Hillary as Big Brother should give everyone pause. #NeverHillary

trailer-purple-hillary-stage (1)

Some of the imagery associated with Dinesh D’Souza’s documentary Hillary’s America freaks me out, which I am sure it was designed to do.

It’s very Orwellian. Reminiscent of Big Brother and 1984.

We don’t need Hillary Clinton and her cronies lording over us. The idea of Big Brother is bad enough, but Big Mother? Oh, lord, help us.

The State as an ever-present, ever-intrusive maternalistic force is so depressing.


Somehow I missed this. Three big blowhards go at it. Very Jerry Springer.

Hard Left vs. Hard Right

The look on Cenk Uygur’s face is priceless. How many dumbasses does it take to make a scene?

This screenshot shows the moment conspiracy master Alex Jones crashes the set of uber-leftist Cenk Uygur’s show trying to get him to debate Roger Stone. They compete head-to-head for the fringe element, big time, nut by nut.

It’s a very Jerry Springer moment. There’s no reason to watch it, unless you like juvenile, high school-type confrontations that accomplish nothing.

But I adore the look on Cenk’s face. That reaction is why I had to post the image. Makes me laugh.

It nearly ends in a fist fight. Would have been nice to see Cenk land a punch on Alex Jones’ smug face. Alex Jones is a greedy, self-promotin’ fool. Why do Drudge and Breitbart link to his site so often? Why do they quote him? He’s a schmuck.


“Decades of frustration, and Hillary lacks answers.” — political analyst Jeff Greenfield

I don’t agree entirely with his assessment, but Jeff Greenfield makes some good, insightful, and fascinating points in his analysis of this crazy election cycle.

“Decades of frustration is venting itself against immigrants, and Hillary lacks answers.”

I don’t know if Greenfield wrote this. It’s a sub-headline. The anger being expressed by Trump supporters isn’t aimed at “immigrants” or even “undocumented” migrants.

This anger is directed at the Establishment, at the bureaucrats and the politicians who ignore the will of the people and who have sold the people out for personal benefit. A primary figure in this corruption is Hillary Clinton. This is evidenced by the vitriol directed at her by many at the Trump convention in Cleveland.

Immigrants, of the illegal kind, are a minor player. Liberals and leftists don’t seem to appreciate the difference between being adamantly against people entering the country and working illegally, and not hating the folks who do it. I have no hatred of them. It’s understandable. They are seeking better lives. Yet, we are country of laws, and the rule of law is crucial to society.


My favoritest¹ sports meltdown ever, from 2006

RIP, Coach Green. Thanks for the memories. Seriously.

Coach Green died today, sadly. He was a well-known and oft-entertaining pro football coach and mentor.

During a game against the Chicago Bears — I think it was Monday Night Football — his Arizona Cardinals totally collapsed in a bizarre affair with numerous turnovers.

His post-game press conference made headlines. He was understandably mad and had a meltdown that mirrored what happened on the playing field.

Isn’t it great to see a man so visibly upset? He didn’t tone it down for the cameras. He was just himself, and he was pissed off. I wish leaders in other arenas, such as politics, would take a lesson from this.

I remember listening to this game on the radio. It was wild, the wildest football game I had witnessed, until the NFC Championship game in Seattle in January of 2015, where the Seahawks mounted a most miraculous comeback against the the mighty Green Bay Packers advancing to Super Bowl XLIX.


1. Yes, I know that favoritest ain’t a word.

The U.S. Army writes me a letter & now I wait

Today I received a letter from the U.S. Army Human Resources Command in Fort Knox, Kentucky.

I’d totally forgotten about my original query. I read a genealogical magazine article on military records and followed through on the writer’s advice.

Months ago I sent a FOIA¹ request for a copy of a relative’s Individual Deceased Personnel File (IDPF). He was killed in France during combat in World War I.

Such a file may include all sorts of letters and information, including photographs. So I will be waiting patiently for any paperwork to come my way. It will take some time, possibly “up to forty-eight (48) weeks to process and release records.”

The physical file, if there is one, is located at the Washington National Records Center in Suitland, Maryland. I fear that there may be no file on him. We will see.


1. Freedom of Information Act

Reading about panic in the Democratic ranks is quite amusing

“We’re PANICKED, friends.”

That’s the beginning of a message from the Democratic Governors Association distributed via email.

And I, for one, am amused.

“Nate Silver just confirmed that Donald Trump . . . polls . . . within single digits in key swing states (Pennsylvania, Ohio, Florida) . . . ”

So the Donald is polling well in battleground states, despite what the media has been churning out. They ramped it up even more during the Republican convention. Hillary’s many friends in the press pool seem quite desperate.

“This is NOT good. If we lose these swing states, Donald Trump becomes president and Republicans will defund Planned Parenthood, slash Social Security and deport millions of families. We can only win if we know NOW that top Dems like you are committed to fighting.”

I love how abortion always crops up. Note how it is the first item on the agenda. It really is a sacrament of the Democrat Party. All hail abortion!

Then, scare the seniors. Then, put the fear of God into the Hispanics and minorities. Part of the same old stale playbook.

Sadly, I wish that I could put some stock in what they argue. Trump makes me nervous. My fear is the Trump will seek compromise on many issues. I fear he will be too liberal. Nixon did the same, creating the EPA and greatly expanding the government under his tutelage.

Can Trump be trusted? I don’t know. What I do know is that Hillary Clinton cannot be. She is dishonest, untrustworthy, corrupt.

Most voters are not paying attention to polls. They are not watching the conventions, let alone the convention coverage with a bunch of talking heads telling us what to think, thankfully. Only nerdish wonks like me do that.



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