Before HTML, there was….

Using Google Fast Flip I found an article on how some folks are preserving the early days of the Internets. Its title is ‘Five Ways To Reminisce About Your Online Past’. Actually this is more of a subtitle, but because the beginning has so much nerd-speak and the fact that I have no idea what BBSes were or are, I decided to cut it out. It’s amazing how non-literary most technical guys are.

At any rate, one of my favorite tools for finding what used to be out there is the Wayback Machine by the people at the Internet Archive, where I first discovered an online set of the Pennsylvania Archives series. It’s officially a non-profit, and they happen to be working on all sorts of stuff, some free and some by subscription. There are several titles available via the American Libraries (‘Americana’) section.

Most websites go through so many changes that it can be frustrating to try and find the same thing again. I’ll write more about this when I discuss a great book I picked up at the library, Going Beyond Google. The book began as a presentation. For example, I used the Wayback Machine to find images of the BYU Molecular Genealogy site, which I used on my ‘Genetic Genealogy on the web’ site.  One site mentioned in the article that I want to explore further is TEXTFILESDOTCOM.


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