Chemeketa’s Library

For awhile now I have been wondering why there is no community-based group to support the Chemeketa Library. Before a bond for Building 9 was passed by the voters, the library was crammed into a very small space in Building 2, where the Financial Aid Office is now located. It was called the Learning Resource Center.
I remember years ago checking out Das Kapital by Marx and Engels and some others on communism. It’s a long story why, but my American Government teacher was a radical—a Communist, perhaps a Stalinist. The first day of class she had a handout on very bright yellow paper on how to listen. Of course, she didn’t listen herself, but she did like to talk and especially lecture, in every sense of the word. Whatever happened to her, Molly Doneka? Who knows.
Egon Bodtker, husband of my botany teacher, Diane or Diana. I really enjoyed her class, especially the field trips, including one to Baskett Slough.
I think he may have passed on, because I have one of his old books, Nearby History. It has his name written inside. Not sure where I picked it up, but it was likely at the Senior Center or Friends Bookstore in the downtown library.

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