A Young Man Named Mark

While reading a days old copy of the Statesman Journal today my eyes were drawn to a lengthy obituary, unlike most of what a person sees these days in print because of the cost. It was about a young man named Mark Andrew Histed.

He was born in 1981 in England, St. Albans in Hertfordshire to be precise. His parents, George and Mira, moved the family to Madison, Wisconsin in 1985 and then in 1994 they settled in Salem, Oregon. He went to Judson and Sprague, then Western Oregon University and finally Willamette University where he studied history.

Mark’s love of history and travel began at a very early age. Before even reaching his second birthday, he had played on beaches in Spain and Portugal and walked along the Rhine River in Switzerland. In the coming years, he could be found touring Windsor Castle or watching the ‘Trooping of the Colors’ at Buckingham Palace. He climbed the stadium steps at Delphi, stared in wonder at the Acropolis and explored ancient ruins on Andros Island. He rode the white water rapids of the Salmon River in Idaho, saw bears in Yellowstone Park and lived again the Battle of the Little Big Horn. Mark traveled to Oshima Island off the coast of Japan to visit the first Christian Church established there by his Great Grandmother, missionary Anna Setterlund.”

His death was from drug-resistant bacteria.

Mark had recently been treated for a bacterial infection, most likely caused from a spider bite on his leg. The bacteria was resistant to antibiotics and treatment continued for several weeks. Unfortunately, the bacteria had become attached to Mark’s defective aortic valve and entered the blood stream, finding its way to the blood vessels in the brain. In the early morning of April 24, Mark suffered a massive and fatal brain hemorrhage.”


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