Ben Stein’s Diary

 . . . I doubt if any law school class in any law school in history had more fun than the class of ’69 at Yale Law School.”

I love reading ‘Ben Stein’s Diary’ in The American Spectator. He often writes, especially during the summer months, about his vacation home in Sandpoint, Idaho. He describes the place, The Seasons, as “probably the most wonderful resort condo community.”

He continues by writing about his psychoanalyst, Robert N. Butler, M.D., who just passed away.

He had a way of getting to the heart of things, sometimes quite sarcastically. I well recall one day after many days of my endless moaning about my mother, he sighed loudly and said, ‘Oh, a boy and his mother.’”

He then goes on to talk about his time at Yale Law School.

I was a big student leader for telling a teacher to stop bullying us or I would take my clothes off in Anti-Trust and start reciting the names of the Vietnam War dead. The teacher was so angry he stomped out of class and became a spectacularly well-paid Wall Street lawyer.”

And then he talks about family. He has a love for his family that is nice to see in this modern, often barbaric age.

My father-in-law, Col. Dale Denman, Jr., a highly decorated Vietnam war hero, told me in 1966 that if he were not in the Army, he would demonstrate against it himself. ‘It’s a meat grinder,’ he said. ‘We’ll never win and good men are getting killed.’”

I remember reading about Denman before in ‘Stein’s Diary,’ years ago. I first came across the Spectator just after I joined the newspaper staff at the community college. The advisor, C. C. Risenhover I think his name was, or perhaps Risenhoover, had just retired. He had left a stack of Spectators addressed to him. I guess in retirement he wanted to do other things than read old copies of the magazine.

I had and have never met him, but the devotion to and admiration for him by returning students was clear. His successor was the former editor of the Statesman Journal, my hometown paper. His name was Bill Florence. He had been fired because of coverage of the Oregon Citizens Alliance. I sure wish I had the opportunity to work with Risenhoover.


3 thoughts on “Ben Stein’s Diary”

    1. Hi, there. Thanks for introducing me to that vehicle of conservative thought. Unfortunately, Chemeketa became more and more leftist every year and is now a lost cause, I think.

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