Feminism & History

Here’s a peculiar little site and blog. It’s called ‘Historiann’ and run by Ann M. Little, author of Abraham in Arms: War and Gender in Colonial New England. She’s a professor at Colorado State University. I am not really big on these ‘gender’ and ‘women’s’ programs.

I am a colonial American historian with research interests in borderlands history, women’s and gender history, and the history of the body. . . . I am beginning to research a third book about the body in early America.”

She represents the best and, mostly, worst of the modern historian and revisionist psychology so typical of the garbage being churned out of academia today. In her ‘Cloistered Bodies’ piece about nuns she

argues that convents served as a convenient metaphor . . . in the mid-eighteenth century English and Anglo-American imagination: They were French, Catholic, feminized, and most disturbingly, closed to Protestant men. In describing French Canada and its convents, they used language that suggests their fascination with opening and penetrating this new addition to the empire, despite the fact that the Quebec Ursulines were in fact very open to visitors, even to Protestant men.”

Esther Wheelwright, a mother superior, appears to be one of her mentors. She was an Ursuline.

Gotta love feminism run amuck.



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