George Darling of Scotland and Massachusetts

Good news from a few hours of research today at the state library. It looks as if I’ve finally tracked down and pieced together my Darling forefathers, going back to Scotland, if this pedigree is correct. (I’ll be working to confirm or deny the details given some time. I’ll be writing to two of the major sources of this material, who both submitted information to

Generation No. 1
George Darling was born 1615 in Scotland, and died 1693 in Salem, Massachusetts. He married a woman named Katherine on March 31, 1657. Among their children was John Darling.

Generation No. 2
John Darling was born about 1661 in Lynn, Essex County, Massachusetts and died on February 11, 1719 in Fairfield, Connecticut. In 1688, he married Elizabeth Beers in Fairfield. She died on February 11, 1719. They had a son named John.

Generation No. 3
This John Darling (‘John Darling Jr.’) was born on March 24, 1694. He married Abilene Jessup. John and Abilene had a son named David. (I am not sure if he was actually named John Darling Jr., but this is how I will be identifying him.)

Generation No. 4
David Darling married Sarah Morehouse. They had a son named Jabez. He was killed at the Battle of Wyoming in 1778. He was buried near where he fell at Forty Fort in Luzerne County, Pennsylvania. I am naming him Jabez the Elder. (I will write more on this later. There are a lot of crazy connections to the Wyoming Valley during colonial and Revolutionary War periods.) Jabez the Younger, grandson of David and Sarah, was the father of Ezra Darwin Darling and grandfather of my great-great grandfather Jerome Harvey Darling. He is detailed in Generation No. 6.

Generation No. 5
This has been a missing generation. It is likely that the father of Jabez in the following generation is either Gershom or David, both sons of Sarah and David. There is a chance that a long-lost son of David and Sarah or that one of their nephews from a brother of David could be the father. But most likely, I think it is David or Gershom.

Generation No. 6
Jabez Darling, grandson of David and Sarah, married Nancy English. They had a son named Ezra Darwin Darling. This is Jabez the Younger. He had a younger brother named David, who lived in Seneca County, New York. Both David and Jabez served during the War of 1812. Their commanding officers, brothers named Swift, had come to Ontario County, New York from the Wyoming Valley in Pennsylvania, making the connection to Jabez the Elder even stronger. Branches of the Darling and Swift families obviously traveled together from Pennsylvania to New York.

Generation No. 7
Ezra Darwin Darling married Caroline Amy Northrup. They had a son named Jerome Harvey Darling, a dentist.

Generation No. 8
Jerome Harvey Darling married four times. His marriage to Nettie Ann Boal produced my great grandmother Geneva Estella Darling.

Generation No. 9
Geneva Estella Darling then went on to marry George Brazilla Hay. They had five children, including my grandmother, who is still living.


2 thoughts on “George Darling of Scotland and Massachusetts”

  1. Aaron – Wow! Jabez Darling has been a brick wall forever. Where did you find the link between Jabez and his parents, David Darling and Sarah Morehouse? I would love any information you would be willing to share. My ancestry goes though LeRoy Warren Darling, son of Ezra Darwin Darling. Your website is amazing. What a great idea!

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