Family Records with the U.S. Army

Today I learned that the U.S. Army Heritage and Education Center in Carlisle, Pennsylvania, near the Army War College, is in danger of being closed, because of some major bureaucratic idiocy. I discovered a file on my great granduncle Leslie Warren Darling there a few years back.

In his file is a transcribed letter, dated July 20, 1918. I am not sure who the author is or what the letter contains. Another item is a transcribed notice from the 117th Sanitary Train to the unit commander regarding his death from the wounds he sustained in battle.


3 thoughts on “Family Records with the U.S. Army”

  1. Greetings, Aaron,
    My grandfather was in the 117th Trench Mortar Battery, another unit of the 42nd in WW1. In pursuing his history, I’ve acquired some books and built a bibliography.
    You might buy or borrow on interlibrary loan:
    The Price of Our Heritage, by Winfred Robb, American Lithographing & Printing Co, Des Moines 1919 – your uncle’s pic is there on p.253 with
    “Darling, Leslie W. 100884
    Private First Class, Company E.
    Died in Field Hospital No. 117, July 30th. Son of Mr. & Mrs. J. H. Darling, Ogden Iowa. Born at Chicago Ill, August 23, 1895. Private Darling was severely wounded at Foret de Fere, near Chateau Thierry, July 26. He was a good soldier and a clean cut man. His death was deeply felt by his many comrades. Private Darling had taken the civil service examination for railroad clerk and was called for a position shortly after he had enlisted.”

    and for a complete detailed battle history of the 168th with many photos:
    The Story of The 168th Infantry, by John H. taber, in two volumes, The State Historical Society of Iowa, 1925
    and for the whole Rainbow Division
    Americans All, The Rainbow at War, by Henry J. Reilly, F. J. Heer Printing Co., Columbus Ohio, 1936.
    I have many other volumes on the Rainbow in WW1 – drop a line if I can help you with something.
    Dick Webb

    1. I’m interested if your records show a listing of the men in that unit and, if so, is there a Robert Hynes in the 168th. His father’s obit in Dec 1918 in Bridgeport, Fairfield Co., Connecticut says his son is over in France in the 168th Infantry. Thank you.

  2. Aaron:
    By a wonderful accident I discovered your blog. My grandfather, Lloyd R. Ballard of St. Charles, Iowa was in the 168th, 42nd Div, Company A. It enjoyed finding out some more tidbits about his time of service. Thank you for your efforts on this.

    Paul J. Ballard

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