May 1, 1854

A man named Chris Smithson, who has a long list of abbreviations behind his name, most of which I don’t recognize, volunteered a few days back to do look-ups for people in The Baltimore Sun.1

I asked him if he might be able to track down an obituary for Elizabeth George, who was born around 1806 and died sometime after 1880. Although he hasn’t found anything on Liz yet, he did find a marriage record of Elizabeth’s niece Judith.

In 1854 Elijah Bonner married Judith A. George in Baltimore, Maryland, although I don’t think the file he found is from the newspaper. Elizabeth may have introduced the two to one another. They were married on May 1, 1854 by a minister named Hamilton.


1. Here’s Chris Smithson’s credentials:
Genealogist General, HOSBD
State Historian, MDSSAR
Secretary/Registrar, Col. Aquila Hall Chapter, MDSSAR
Senior Society President, Bush Declaration Society, (Maryland) NSCAR


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