Today I found some links I’d never known about before. A woman sent a query to the DAR, which was subseqently published in the DAR magazine, in the March 1986 issue.

MARVIN-RANDALL-TIDD: David Randall, 1765-1835, is son of David Randall, 1742-1820 and wife Sarah Ann Marvin, Dec 1748-1822 Kinsman, OH; she dau. of Samuel John Marvin and wife Sarahann Elizabeth. Her sister Elizabeth Marvin Jan 1748-1825, m. Martin Tidd, 1739-1823, d. Kinsman, OH.—Mrs. Wayne P. Hughes, c/o Prairie Club, Harbert, MI 49115.

I remember seeing the name David Randall among the records of the first settlers of Youngstown and Kinsman. However, I didn’t know he had married a Marvin, specifically Betsy’s sister.1


1. Elizabeth Marvin went by the name Betsy or Betsey.

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