A Distant Boal Cousin

A fellow descendant of the Boal family, a woman named Dee, sent me a note the other day. We have been corresponding back and forth since. In the 19th century her family was living near mine in Washington County, Iowa, unbeknownst to any of us, until now.

Hi, I saw where you posted  the grave of William Boal, died 1880, in Washington County, Iowa. I was wondering if you’re connected to him, or John Shannon Boal? I have some questions you may be able to answer. Do you know where his wife died and where she’s buried? Do you know anything about any of his other children? I know his daughter, Sarah, married James Harrison, and raised several Boal children, but don’t know about the others, do you? William had a brother, George Welch Boal, born Feb,.1790, County Derry, and the family sailed soon after his birth. George married Sarah Cummings Shannon, daughter of John and Martha Caldwell Shannon, and believed to be sister of Anna Shannon Boal. William and Anna had several children; Martha, Mary, John, James,Sarah, Margaret,George and William. We were in Solon, Iowa a couple of years ago, but didn’t find very much. I have some papers from that area, and  really can’t connect things, yet. Let me know if you’re connected to this family, and if you have a lot of information, I live in Pennsylvania. Hope to hear from you.    Dee

I sent her a variety of links, including one for the genealogy portion of the Boal Museum website and a direct link to my Boal relatives listed there. I also sent links to information on the graves of John S. and Ann Almeda. Lastly, I sent off a discussion thread from a forum and the family tree of the Foster clan. After my initial reply she sent more details on her side.

Hi. Thank you for answering, my gr-gr-grandfather was James Boal, born 1805, and he was brother to your William. Anyway, 1870 census has Boal, J.S. 31, farmer, born Pa.; Almeda,26, born Ohio; their children, Nettie, 5 , Jimmie, 3, and Stella, 5/12, all born Iowa. They are living in Lime Creek Twp., Washington Co. Iowa In the 1880 census, Nettie, 14, and Stella, 9, are living with James and Sarah Harrison,Graham Twp., Johnson Co. Iowa. Sarah is sister of James. I believe the Harrisons also raised my gr-grandfather’s orphaned children, but it was 1884, and by 1900 they were adults so have found no definate proof yet. I don’t have any problem with you sharing anything I give you. I truly believe the more you share the more you get back. I’m just not that savvy with the computer. Do you have the Boal lineage back to James from Ireland?  Do you have knowledge of the David Boal that was the founder of Boalsburg, Pa.? There’s some interesting stories, and I do know David and James were connected, I just don’t know how. I definately will keep in touch, and hopefully we’ll help each other.  Thanks, Dee



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