In 2011 my primary doctor at the time prescribed a compound called hydrochlorothiazide to treat my high blood pressure. it did not go well. I had a nasty reaction to the stuff.

I asked my mom if she had ever taken it. She had.

“Did you have an averse reaction to hydrochlorothiazide when you were taking it?” I asked her.

“No, I did not. What kind of symptoms are you having?”

“I only took one pill yesterday morning, but a few hours later I started developing a fever, headache, fatigue, and severe muscle cramps. I still have a fever, but am feeling much better tonight. I slept most of the day yesterday and quite a bit today.”

“Wow, I never had any reaction at all. I am going to look up the side effects. Glad you are better.”

Frequent urination is one of the side effects. It seemed as if the drug was sucking up all of the nutrients within my system. My energy was being drained. I was exhausted.

Studies show that hydrochlorothiazide is not as effective as other hypertension treatments.



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