My One-Way Conversation with Joe Biden

Joe Biden just sent me a note.

The subject line I found intriguing.

What’s stopping you, Aaron?”

What’s stopping me from what? I asked.

He didn’t answer. Instead, so typically Biden, he just went on.

A sleepy Biden, understandably bored by an Obama speech
A sleepy Biden, understandably bored by an Obama speech

I need to ask you something.”

Really? The Vice President of the United States, Mr. Joseph Robinette Biden Jr., needs to ask little ol’ me, one of the great, unwashed masses, a question?

If you know you’re going to donate to this campaign eventually, what’s stopping you from doing it right now?”

I am not going to vote for you nor donate any money to your campaign. You guys take enough of my money as it is. In fact, I doubt I’ll be giving money to anything political this year, though I may volunteer to help ensure you and your boss are soundly defeated.

You’re already a part of this movement — now take the next step and say you’ll help grow it.

No, I am not part of your movement. I am not going to encourage you guys.

You know, this has never been about Barack and me.”

Really? You really expect me to buy this?

We’re just two guys.”

Just. Two. Guys.

It’s folks like you out there who will decide this election.”

Amen to that.

And what you’re capable of is incredible . . . “

Yes, the electorate and the common decency of the average, everyday American are incredible. We will restore the rule of law and the dignity of the Presidency.

He then pleads again for MONEY. It is so desperate and degrading. It is pathetic.

Is the desperation in the re-election campaign really that great? Why not just get on your knees and beg?

I am NOT giving you any money. You aren’t even getting my vote.

Thank you, Joe

No, thank you.

Joe, I realize that 36 years in the Senate and now being cloistered in the White House has left you a bit out of touch, much like your boss.

Let me be blunt. Things are going badly. The economy is terrible. Your guys’ tenure at 1600 Pennsylvania has been disastrous.

So here goes.

Prepare to be crushed. I am hoping and praying you and your ilk are summarily and resoundingly thrown out of office. I have a feeling that you are going to be swept away by a tsunami. I certainly hope so. (And I don’t even like Mormons.)

With all due respect (and this isn’t much),
Aaron J. Hill


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