The Three Jacobs

Because I am related to a man named Jacob A. Hill, I have been curious if the name has a history in the family.

Jacob was a grandson of James Hill, my earliest known ancestor on my Hill line of the family tree. James Hill, despite what one source says, was most likely born in Pennsylvania on June 22, 1763. A descendant of Jacob joined the Hill DNA Project a few years back, and DNA proves the connection.

There are three men named Jacob Hill in Volume II of the DAR Patriot Index. All have strong ties to Pennsylvania.

The first listed was born on May 21, 1750 in Pennsylvania. This Jacob married Christina Schad. He died in Pennsylvania on February 9, 1809. He served in Pennsylvania as a private during the Revolution.

The second Jacob Hill listed was born on May 9, 1750. He married a woman named Christena Gortner. He was a captain who served in Pennsylvania. He died on January 9, 1824 in Pennsylvania.

The third and final Jacob listed was born about 1755 and was a private in Pennsylvania. He married Eva Schmidt. He died around August 21, 1783 in Pennsylvania.

Because all three wives have German-sounding maiden names, I am favoring the idea that none of these men are related to my Hill family. But one never knows, so I am including this information in my notes.

According to one cousin’s family tradition, the family was from Scotland. This has been confirmed from DNA testing, although much genealogy work remains to be done. Perhaps a Scotsman, or a descendant of Scots, married a young, pretty German lass?



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