Early Hill Family Tax Records

Today I discovered a collection of Pennsylvania tax records while poking around Ancestry.com. After finding Martin Tidd, I limited my search to Northumberland County and the name Hill.

I have had a heck of a time finding anyone related to my ancestor James Hill, who was supposedly born on June 22, 1763.

A James Hill is listed living in the county in 1790. He is living next door to some of the Jordans, giving credence to the idea that he was married to Mary Jordan for a time and probably had fathered at least four daughters. This information is from the first-ever federal census.

What happened to them is unknown to me. I am assuming Mary died and then James married again, the daughter of Martin Tidd, Sarah.

There are many people with the surname Hill in Northumberland County. There is likely more than one family with the Hill name in the county during the colonial and revolutionary time frames.

I know one is of German stock. They followed the traditions of the Old World, names and all. Eventually their Germanness subsided, and they became thoroughly Anglicized.

Trying to separate them out has not been an easy task during my years of research. But I am taking the plunge again in the hopes of discovering something worthwhile.

One, Daniel Hill, was living in Muncy. There are tax records for him from 1778-1780 and 1781. There are some duplicates for the same years, so there may be two men with the name Daniel Hill.

Elizabeth Hill was listed in White Deer Township. Tax records for her were for the years 1778-1780.

A Frederick Hill made his home in Augusta. I am confident he was part of the German clan. Friedrich was a very popular name among the Germans. My maternal grandfather had it as part of his name.

There is a Jacob Hill in White Deer and a Jacob Hill in Muncy. They may be the same man. Of course, they could also be two different individuals, perhaps father and son or uncle and nephew.

The name Jacob is important, a possible clue, because Craig Hill, a participant in the Hill DNA Project, is a perfect match with me and descends from Jacob A. Hill, a grandson of James Hill.

A Henry Hill is listed for 1781 in Potter Township. Henry is a significant name because of Henry N. Hill, another grandson of James. Henry was the son of Martin Hill, who was named after Martin Tidd.

I will add a file of what I’ve found, all of the names and years, in case I might have missed something. It is always nice to be able to easily go back and look at the records again.



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