I ♥ Good BBQ Sauces

While at the Crossroads Mall today I stopped by the QFC. I always go to the small sections where items are discounted, what they call the Manager’s Specials.

On the shelves was a bottle of Orange Cinnamon Barbeque Sauce by a company called Seasons, based in Kent.1 Later I browsed for something to put it on. My options were chicken and a meatloaf dinner.

There were a few discounted varieties of the chicken, from wings to a whole bird. Everything was already cooked up, but cold. I opted for the meatloaf.

Though it already had some ketchup spread about the slices of meatloaf, it really wasn’t much, at least not enough for my taste buds. (I like ketchup too.) So I opened up a bottle of Sweet Bourbon Glaze by Cornet Bay. I took a whiff of it and was overwhelmed by the smell of soy sauce.

Sweet Bourbon Glaze? Where was the bourbon? I felt rather misled. One could argue that the name and label are false advertising.

It is more of a teriyaki sauce, I think. I don’t know for certain. I haven’t tried it yet. But I think it will go well with rice and chicken, and my turkey burgers. It is best with fresh pineapple. (It is my homemade, modified version of Red Robin’s Banzai burger.)

So I went with the orange and cinnamon BBQ sauce. It is delicious! I was afraid it might be a bit overpowering. But it isn’t. It is mild and subtle. The various flavors in the mix blend together quite nicely. Very yummy!


1. Barbeque is an odd way to spell the word barbecue, but who am I to correct BBQ sauce geniuses? They can design their bottle labels however they see fit. Besides, it is apparently “proper American English” both ways. Sadly, I am not sure if these fellows are still in business.


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