PA Frontier History Day

A day of events, called PA Frontier History Day, is focusing on colonial life in Pennsylvania. It is a joint venture of Midtown Scholar Bookstore and the Ned Smith Center for Nature and Art, both in the Harrisburg area.

I love reading about the period. Different branches of my family lived in Pennsylvania during the colonial and early republic eras.

It is sometimes hard to re­member amid the urban and rural sprawl surround­ing Harrisburg, but this re­gion was once the frontier for European settlers, and that even once the colony of Pennsylvania was founded, the western edge of the state was still a wilderness.

Some authors will be there, including Brady Crytzer and Pulitzer Prize nominee Scott Weidensaul. Crytzer is the author of Fort Pitt: A Frontier Histo­ry and Weidensaul wrote The First Frontier: The Forgotten His­tory of Struggle, Savagery and Endurance in Early America.

The book [The First Frontier] . . . traces more than two centuries of widely forgotten clashes and culture shock between European settlers and the natives living be­tween the Atlantic and the Appalachians.



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