Prying Eyes in Snoqualmie

Today I had an adventure out in the hinterlands. My eye doctor is way out in a tiny little town. It’s called Snoqualmie.

Trying to find the place wasn’t easy, but thank heaven for Google Maps. Her office is a newly developed area, along a new roadway, the Snoqualmie Parkway.

It’s close to the falls, Snoqualmie Falls, just past the bridge that crosses the river. After my appointment and tests, I walked to the lodge and falls. I’ll write more about this later, perhaps tonight, probably tomorrow.

The satellite photos on Google show no buildings, just a big construction zone. But at least it had the right spot. No thanks to the local bus system’s trip planner though. What a pain sometimes. It couldn’t locate the proper address.

Getting to her office by bus (actually numerous buses) was a pain. It took quite awhile and required more than one transfer. I thiought my prolonged journey might end in disaster and was prepared to schedule another appointment and do it all over again.

I was about fifteen minutes late. Fortunately the staff was very nice and gracious. They fit me right in with everyone else. My vision is terrible, but thankfully my eyes are otherwise healthy and good.

Here’s the prescription the doc gave me.

Sphere Cyl AXIS
OD -7.25  +0.75  106
OS -7.00 +0.75 072

Now I just need to measure my awkward face and then find a place online to order new glasses.

There was a notation in the comments area on the paperwork: PD=062. I have no idea what this represents. In fact, I don’t know what any of this chart means.

I’ve stopped off at the Fall City Library before heading back to Issaquah and then home. The doctor put drops of some numbing agent in my eyes and it is still bothering me. Whatever it is, it’s very irritating and annoyingly affects my vision.



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