The Van Notes

Today I received notice that I’d been subscribed to a mailing list on Dutch surnames. I don’t recall having done this, but it may have been months ago and someone may be just catching up on a backlog of work.

Or someone may have gotten a bit creative, subscribing people him or her self. I did this once for something other than genealogy and there was quite a bit of blowback. It wasn’t a good idea.

Anyway, the Dutch subject got me to thinking about that branch of the family, particularly the Van Notes. I have seen a few variations of the name: Van Note, Van Nort, Van Noort, Van Ort and Van Oort. At some point it was anglicized to the simpler and more easily pronounced Van Note.

So I did a Google search on Brazilla Van Note. (The name comes from the Bible. Barzillai is the name of three menall minor characters, in the Old Testament.)

I discovered photographs of his grave, his wife’s, and his mother-in-law’s. Brazilla, Maria and her mother Elizabeth are all buried in the Shiloh Cemetery in Hiawatha, Iowa. It’s in Linn County, northwest of Cedar Rapids.

Maria’s maiden name was Wolf. Her mother, Elizabeth Wolf, is buried nearby. According to oral family tradition passed down to me, her name was pronounced Mariah.

Brazilla was born in 1822 and died in 1908. Maria was born in 1823 and died in 1907. Elizabeth Wolf was born in 1795. I don’t know her maiden name. She died in 1877.


Note the spelling of the Van Note name on the markers. It is spelled Vannote, without the space, except on Elizabeth’s gravestone.


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