The Union Jack

I haven’t been keeping up with news from the UK lately, so it was disappointing to hear of rioting and protests in Northern Ireland. It stems, at least superficially, from not hoisting the Union Jack, the flag of Britain, everyday at government buildings, which had been the practice for a very long time.

Some of the clan, the Boal branch, lived in Derry for a time. (Loyalists/Unionists/Protestants call it Londonderry.) Surnames of women who married into the Boal clan include Shannon and Welch. While proud of my Irish heritage, I am so glad my ancestors made the trek to America.

The story of the Union Jack goes back to 1606, the same year Guy Fawkes was tried and executed for his plot to blow up Parliament. The flag was officially adopted on April 12 of ’ 06.


1. Ancestry, the genealogy company juggernaut, has some general information on the Shannon name in the United States, England and Wales, and Scotland.

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