Political Hacks as Bureaucrats

Police tape? Really?
Police tape? Really?

The National Park Service, obviously with intense political pressure from the White House, has made some highly questionable decisions recently, from blockading war memorials to demanding closure of private businesses, including George Washington’s Mount Vernon.

Ironically, the shutdown has given the thugs cover. They can operate with even more impunity than before.

“Because of the federal government shutdown, all national parks are closed and National Park Service webpages are not operating.”

Why do these sites need to be taken offline? Is it really necessary?

Another casualty is Twitter.

“Because of the federal gov’t shutdown this National Park Service Twitter feed is inactive.”

Someone has been targeting private businesses, demanding that they close, despite being allowed to operate during previous government shutdowns.

An iconic restaurant in Philly, housed in a building on the grounds of Independence National Historical Park, was forced to close.

A living history farm in Virginia was another target. Barricades went up at the Claude Moore Colonial Farm, shocking volunteers.

“We are critical of the National Park Service because we think they have closed us down illegally according to the terms of the agreement we signed with them in 1981. The agreement states that we will operate the Farm and open it to the public and the only thing they will provide is police protection if needed.”

Political appointees have also shuttered privately-operated campgrounds that generate money.

“We consider this an unnecessary and vindictive hardship placed on recreators, since our sites don’t take one dime of government money.”

Thankfully, flabbergasted staffers at Mount Vernon, a privately-funded non-profit, ignored the absurd demands and remained open.

I have lost respect for many of these people, including the park rangers who did not stand up to the political hacks.

I wonder what those in charge at the Department of the Interior have to say. Getting a response is next to impossible.

This behavior is worthy of Third World banana republics not the United States. The president and his allies are behaving thuggishly.


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