Mora, Minnesota


I forgot to mention that the photocopy of a photograph of my great-great uncle that someone found on Ancestry is dated 1905. The place is Mora, Kanabec County, Minnesota. He is listed on the 1905 census of Minnesota as a resident. Ironically, it’s not far from Duluth, which I visited with my nephews and niece and their mother in 2013, after a trip to South Dakota for a family reunion.¹

According to the 1900 and 1920 censuses, he arrived in America in 1869, first settling in Herman, Dodge County, Wisconsin. I wonder what encouraged him to come. And why Wisconsin?


  1. Why she wanted to visit Duluth I still don’t understand, but we went. It was a crazy drive. She likes to multitask and drive fast, making for a nervous uncle.

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