John Conner’s Ma

I’ve been looking for the parents of my great-great grandfather John ‘Pap’ Conner for years. The 1900 census records his father as John Sr., but I haven’t been able to confirm this. I’m beginning to think the census man got it wrong.

Yesterday while at the monstrosity that is the central library in downtown Seattle, I continued the pursuit and, after all these years, discovered the maiden name of Pap’s mother. The name is Reed. Someone with the IowaGenWeb Project has transcribed many death records and put them online, including his.

There’s a James Conner who married a Nancy Reed who lived in Delaware County, Ohio and who had a son named John who was born in 1846. This may be the family. I will have to dig around some more when I have a day off.


The second link has been updated from, which is now broken, to I wish these numerous GenWeb volunteers would grandfather these links into their site design. Stop moving material! Keep these links as active.

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