Hitchcock & Scully

Joel McKinnon Miller is Scully and Dirk Blocker, son of Bonanza’s Dan Blocker, plays Hitchcock on Brooklyn Nine-Nine, one of the few TV shows I watch, via Hulu mostly.

McKinnon Miller. It’s great to see them break through. They are a perfect duo on Brooklyn Nine-Nine, one of the few TV shows I actually watch these days.

Dirk's father Dan as Hoss Cartwright on Bonanza
Dan Blocker, Dirk’s father, as Hoss Cartwright on Bonanza. He died in 1972, before the end of the final season.

“There wasn’t very much written about us. We were kind of there to figure it out, and the producers and writers and everybody were concentrating on the other seven characters and not so much on the two old guys. We were able to come up with bits of comedy and goofy stuff. Anything you were able to do at work without working — was our premise. And that we made good coffee. That was about it,” Miller explained during an interview with a writer from the Duluth News Tribune.

Miller is a grad of the University of Minnesota — Duluth, hence the local interest.

Thanks for makin’ me laugh, guys.



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