Yes, Bernie Is Better


Bernie is the better feminist . . . ” As am I. I’m a more solid and consistent feminist than Hillary Clinton, too.

I’m no socialist, but I don’t understand how the Democratic primary is even close. Bernie is by far the better candidate. I don’t agree with him on much. But he’s genuine and likable. And Hillary isn’t.

She’s scripted and rigid. She’s so uncreative, almost soulless. I think it has to do with being Bill’s significant other. She’s had to turn off her emotions and feelings, as much as humanly possible, just to survive. Otherwise, the betrayals and dishonesty and philandering would probably destroy her.

I’ve witnessed it. I know another woman who has been subjected to a similar situation, and it has made her cold and calculating. She, too, has rejected her feelings and emotions, as much as she can. And it ripples through people’s lives, like a wake that never subsides.

That ain’t the way it’s supposed to be.



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