Curious & Curiouser

Snowden, Edward Snowden, tweeted this out on the 27th:

2016: a choice between Donald Trump and Goldman Sachs.”

Very curious indeed.

It ain’t gonna be an easy choice this presidential season.

I will never vote for Hillary. She downright scares me. But Donald Trump?!

He is so bombastic and just plain silly at times. Way too simplistic for a president. And I don’t trust him.

He praises Putin, a thug. He praises eminent domain, a dubious tool often misused and abused by the powerful and the power hungry, including himself. It’s all about the almighty dollar. He is the very definition of a crony capitalist.

I only hope that if he is elected, he continues to listen to conservative voices, from the likes of Senator Sessions and Rush Limbaugh to his primary opponents, such as Ted Cruz, Ben Carson and, yes, even, Marco Rubio. If Trump fails to, there will be a rebellion, a far greater one than what’s put him in the lead during the primary.

The current revolution has thrown the Republican party into chaos, and rightly so. Republican leadership has been spineless and corrupt for far too long. And now their lack of principle has come back to bite them in their fat asses. They have no one to blame but themselves for the rise of Donald Trump.

I, too, have a recent tweet or two about the election:

has benefited from , at the expense of the common man. He’s the ultimate insider & can’t be trusted.

As with most of the Republican leadership going back awhile, I just don’t trust him.

We live in strange times. There are no good options — for Snowden, for me, for the electorate, for the country. America is truly at a crossroads.

If Trump does win the nomination, he will need to reach out to every Republican out there, from Jeb Bush and Michael Medved to Mark Levin and Glenn Beck.

Uniting the Republicans will be no easy task. But then, if he succeeds, and I hope he does, he will have a far greater task before him: uniting the country.


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