Forty-Two Years?!

Forty-two years at McDonald’s?! The much-maligned fast food company is host to many dedicated employees, including actor James Franco.

And then there’s one woman in Nebraska who’s worked at the same franchise for 42 years. Before Chicken McNuggets, the Happy Meal, the McRib, the Extra Value Meal, the Dollar Menu, the Arch Deluxe . . . there was Gigi Young.

She remembers quite a bit about those early days.

When you could get ten hamburgers for a dollar.

“That was crazy.”

And when Beanie Babies, a strange craze I will never understand, were part of Happy Meals.

“That was really crazy.”

She made $1.92 an hour when she first started working.

I wouldn’t want to work there. But there are those who do, and who enjoy it. McDonald’s feeds a lot of people, too, often cheaply. So I’ve made a point to not denigrate the company, which is so popular to do these days.



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