Lotsa Hot Air


I opened up a paper copy of the latest Seattle Weekly this morning and discovered an editorial chastising many of the local global warming fanatics, confronting their often over-the-top zealotry.

. . . a close examination . . . suggests that these activists have come to expect an ideological purity with something close to religious fervor—a posture that will have no place in any real attempts to find a path forward to a more climate-friendly future.

I wasn’t expecting to see this. It was refreshing. Radical leftists aren’t challenged much these days, especially by their own brethren.

Of course, we climate change skeptics — or, as some label us, “deniers” — have been pointing this out for years.

The print edition has a great headline for the editorial, too.

Hot Air From the Climate Movement

This is coming from a left-wing tabloid! Seattle Weekly isn’t as rabid as The Stranger, but sometimes it reads that way.

There’s definitely been a coarsening of the language. Writers more and more are swearing and writing about subjects that used to be taboo, and in many cases, still should be.



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