Smug, Incredulous, Desperate, Weary, Insanely Happy, Exasperating

primaries_photo_montageMoody on the Campaign Trail

Peculiar choices by whoever designs Stockton, California’s newspaper The Record. But they do well represent my various moods today.

Donald Trump appears smug.

Cruz looks incredulous. (He can’t believe he’s losing to this guy.)

Desperate is how I would describe Marco.

Kasich has a weariness to him. He seems tired. I’m sure it’s been a long campaign already.

Hillary looks insanely happy, and she should be since her campaign operatives have locked up so many super-delegates, who can vote however they want, no matter what the primary voters and caucus goers say, which helps to explain Bernie’s expression.

Bernie is exasperated, and with good reason.

I wonder what other revealing photos the press corps have captured on the campaign trail. It will be interesting to see what appears — in print, such as tell-all books, and otherwise — after the general election, and perhaps even before.



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