The Bizarre World of Glenn Beck

I’ve been creeped out by Glenn Beck for a very long time, ever since his time at CNN. I didn’t know much about him then. He wasn’t someone I wanted to watch. I’d catch snippets of him crying or whatever.

He seemed so manic, so bipolar, and he still does, though I suspect it’s all an act. His theatrics are off putting. It garners attention, which in turn gets ratings and sells books.

I never quite understood why Roger Ailes hired him to host a show on Fox News. There’s a serious insincerity — a fakeness — to him. The fact that he’s a Mormon is another strike against him.

Mormonism is a strange offshoot of Protestant Christianity created by a charlatan. It’s a cult, though that’s becoming less and less fashionable to say these days, especially so since Mitt Romney was the Republican nominee for president.

Beck said that he, like many Mormons, believe in a prophecy that the Constitution will hang by a thread in the last days. He said he believes that now is that time, and people like Lee and Cruz will save it.”

I wonder what the heck Beck is talking about. A Mormon end times prophecy? Add it to the very long list of odd beliefs in Mormonworld.


1. Romney is viewed by many within as basically a saint. His family tree prominently adorns a wall in the family history library in Salt Lake City. I visited the place long before his presidental bids, and remember the display vividly.

2. Despite my issues with Mormonism, Mike Huckabee’s attacks on Romney during the 2008 primaries ticked me off. Huckabee was a John McCain proxy, and the attacks were so unnecessary.



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