Operation Chaos, Part 2

Republicans, Conservatives Should Do
Everything They Can To Help Bernie

Sanders romps in Washington, Alaska, Hawaii

What a beautiful headline.

I had a feeling they didn’t need my help, a conservative interloper doing his best for Operation Chaos, Part 2. I pre-registered for the caucus, but didn’t feel like going, so I didn’t.

It really is quite simple. Very few like Hillary and even fewer trust her. I am one of them.

Man, if Bernie can somehow pull off the upset, I will be laughing for a long, long time.

The talking heads think it’s the Republicans with all of the problems. Well, they ain’t. It’s bipartisan.

To help Bernie and extend the Democratic primary campaign as long as possible, Republicans, conservatives, libertarians, whoever cares for the country should vote for him. One, anything that puts some distance between Hillary and the presidency is a plus. Two,

Bernie or bust, baby!



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