Buy a shirt or the bunny gets it!


How dare you, Organizing for America! How dare you threaten a cute, little bunny rabbit!

And in the attempt to sell crap to Americans who usually demand freebies!

Healthcare for all!

Contraception for all!

Abortion for all!

Shouldn’t the swag be free, too?

Oh, the irony.

At least there’s free shipping. Is it really free though? Gotta spend more than forty bucks.

What a revealing lesson in liberalism.

The healthcare, the abortions, the condoms et al aren’t really free. There is a cost associated with all, often more than just monetary.

Ceding power to the government means less power for the people. And, of course, someone, no matter what they say, has to pay the bill.

What this very commercial propaganda campaign really looks to accomplish, based on the merchandise available, is to pressure the spineless Senate Republicans into confirming Judge Garland to succeed Justice Scalia.


P.S. No one threatened to harm the bunny, by the way. I just made that part up.


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