Slip slidin’ away? Unfortunately for Hillary, America has elections, not coronations.

So Hillary Clinton has had enough of Bernie Sanders.

Well, I’ve had enough of Hillary Clinton. I had enough of her back in 1995.

A lot of us have had enough. Susan Sarandon, Daniel Craig, John C. Reilly, Neil Young, Tim Robbins, Danny DeVito, Ronda Rousey, Mia Farrow, Spike Lee, Dave Matthews, Seth McFarlane, Jeremy Piven, Sarah Silverman, George Wendt. These folks are all supporting Bernie.

Fortunately for Hillary I don’t have the power to banish people I don’t like. And thankfully for us, the electorate, we still have some say.

America is a republic. We don’t have dictators. We don’t have coronations. Our presidents aren’t selected by a cabal, at least I’d like to think that doesn’t happen.

Hillary, you still haven’t won the nomination, and I am hoping and praying that you never will.



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