Way too many knuckleheads


However you may label them, there are way too many knuckleheads, morons, idiots, out there. I cross paths with some every day, unfortunately. The rude, the crude, the selfish, the profane.

The guy who noisily munchs on salsa and chips while watching a stupid YouTube clip on a library computer. The gentleman who repeatedly hits the table who happens to be sharing it with other, more polite, sane people. The lady who can’t stop talking on her phone despite an hour-long bus ride with passengers overhearing every detail.

Some are so drug-adled that their brains don’t function. They don’t understand that they shouldn’t be changing their clothes in public. But that’s no excuse.

Whatever happened to respect? Respecting these places so others may enjoy them after you. Respecting nature. Respecting the land. Respecting these special places. Folks who damage our national parks and those who commit vandalism should be prosecuted!

If people don’t want to practice good manners, there ain’t much we can do about it, although public shaming sometimes works. There must be consequences for bad behavior, illegal or not. If they break the law, however, then society must demand further action.



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