Hey #NeverTrumpers, read this. ‘#NeverTrump must become #NeverHillary’

Yes, Republicans appear to be “in a circular firing squad . . . ” This primary season has been juvenile and debasing, sad and pathetic, shockingly low-brow, mostly thanks to Donald Trump. And yet . . .

“No matter who the Republican nominee is, they are going to face one of the most entrenched, dirty, embittered, corrupt, well-funded, and ruthless opponents in the fall: Hillary Clinton. A Republican loss in the general election would further derail the country for another four years and what’s worse, threaten its very character.”

Hillary should never be president. That much should be clear, even to Rina Shah Bharara.

“It’s time for the #NeverTrump movement to cease, and for Republicans to start focusing their firepower on Mrs. Clinton.”

There are plenty of reasons why, from gun rights to the Supreme Court.

“With the Supreme Court balance up for grabs, there’s little doubt she’ll pick a more liberal judge than Merrick Garland. Mr. Trump, at least, will be open to suggestion from conservative and federalist groups about whom his picks should be.”

I don’t like the way Donald Trump has conducted his campaign. But if he is the nominee, I think he will be much more presidential and much better than Hillary. Hillary will pander to the libs from day one.

“Mr. Trump isn’t the perfect candidate, but Mrs. Clinton is far worse. Anyone who says #NeverTrump should really think hard if Mrs. Clinton is truly who they want occupying 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.”

We cannot afford another President Clinton. We cannot allow it to happen.



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