Total, utter vanity can be funny sometimes, as in John Kasich’s visit to southern Oregon.

Insulting headlines don’t get much better than this.

Kasich pending visit doesn’t make much of an impression
Today’s Kasich campaign stop in Medford draws shrugs, rebukes

“ . . . locals interviewed in Medford on the eve of his arrival seemed unaware or unimpressed by the visit.”

Yeah, me too. Even Bernie Sanders events are conventional, no pun intended, and boring. Sure the crowd for Bernie’s speech at Safeco Field in Seattle was large and impressive, but the event was anticlimactic.

“Some local residents had to be reminded who Kasich is, while others denounced the antics on display during the primary season.”

Even political insiders aren’t much interested.

“We’re not real excited either. It’s difficult to support someone you know can’t win mathematically,” a Republican state representative said, referring to his wife.

One commenter echoed my own sentiments: “I wouldn’t vote for Hillary if my life depended on it.”



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