Feel the Bern, Hillary

Yes, I am formally an ass now.

Well, I have once again officially joined the Democrat Party. I did it once before, in 2008, when Obama snatched away the nomination from Bill & Hillary. Now, Bernie is in a similar position against her, though he is in a much better and stronger one. She refused to quit, as Sanders is too. Irony, often like life, is a bitch.

In 2008, the Republican primary was done, much like this cycle. GOP voters had anointed Mr. Establishment, John McCain, which was another mistake in a long list of Republican failures. So, I joined up with the opposition and voted for Hillary — in the primary. (I can’t imagine a circumstance where I’d vote for her again.)

I had the idea long before Rush Limbaugh ever mentioned Operation Chaos. There wasn’t much a wonk like me could do to stay relevant, except infiltrate the Dems and have some fun while doing it.

This time it’s really out of desperation, however. Some claim, mistakenly so, that opposition to Hillary is wrapped up in hatred. I don’t hate Hillary Clinton. I just don’t want her to be president. I think she’d be a disaster for this country.

I do loathe her. But I also have a sort of sympathy for her. After all, she’s attached to Bill. That was, and is, part of their deal, however.

They are more like Claire and Frank Underwood than most of us imagined. I’ve been catching up on season three of House of Cards. It’s a fascinating take on American politics.

Kevin Spacey plays Frank Underwood on the Americanized version of House of Cards.

When I initially heard, months ago, about President Underwood’s jobs plan, using emergency declarations and money, to further it, I wasn’t convinced of the storyline. FEMA is meant for hurricanes and other disasters. But the writers and Kevin Spacey pulled it off.

A Democrat would do such a thing, if at all possible. House of Cards showed us what Democrats are very capable of, not that we need it. But it is a good, kindly reminder.

Just look at what Obama and his cronies have done. They’ve been very creative in their governing. The recent 60 Minutes interview with Valerie Jarrett shows it. The emperor has no clothes, but don’t tell them. Of course, he does, they retort.

I happen to think that Hillary Clinton is dangerous, much like Francis Underwood and far more so than anything Donald Trump could be. And that is why I declared myself a Democrat and voted for Bernie Sanders.

Whatever helps the Democrat infighting, I will do my part. Prolonging the primary is part of it. The behind the scenes shenanigans, partly revealed by the breakdown at the Nevada state convention, has been epic.

Is it really so shocking that voters, particularly Bernie supporters, are so riled up? Of course, it isn’t.

Senator Boxer should be called out for her lies. I watched multiple videos. The claims of violence are just stupid. It was so scary, she took the time to mock and taunt the rebels, including giving ’em a very statesman-like middle finger.

I hope disenfranchised Democrats sue. The chair of the Nevada Democrat Party illegally closed the convention, violating the bylaws, and that was why folks were so pissed.



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