The Irish & Their Diaspora

I enjoy picking up old copies of magazines and perusing them for anything that may interest me. A good place that offers up free copies are Christian Science Reading Rooms, which speckle the country. They are everywhere.

So when I am near one, I sometimes nab a few editions of the Christian Science Monitor, one of their less religious offerings. I did so last night and have been looking though them.

One article caught my eye, particularly a section about the Irish and their diaspora. Since I am part of the Irish diaspora, I am kinda interested in the subject, personally vested in it as I am.

“An Irish nonprofit . . . tracks down the descendants of those who left for America and elsewhere, in order to invite them to visit. The goal is a database of 30 million to 40 million people to cultivate as potential tourists or maybe even investors.”

I remember finding this project a few years back, but hadn’t done anything with it nor heard more about it until now.

“Ireland even has a minister of state for the Diaspora.”

It would be fun to return to one of the homelands of my ancestors.



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