Hmmm. A man with a cape carrying art hanging from a curtain rod while yelling at the passing traffic. Must be a cousin.


Officers contacted a man who was wearing a cape and carrying a curtain rod with a hanging piece of art who was walking in traffic and screaming at passing cars.”

Think I’ve seen this man at the library. No kidding.

If ever there was a prime example of the need for a better mental health system, this man is it.

My guess is he’s likely a cousin, and not as distant as I’d like.

Larry David played a man in a cape on Seinfeld. He was Frank Costanza’s lawyer and once saved a woman from jumping off a bridge.

But this man, the real one, ain’t as funny as the caped lawyer, though he is quite amusing. The caped lawyer bit was more eccentric than hilarious, much like our example from the real world.



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