Copernicus, Bread Tariffs, Politics & the Church

I’ve been listening to a few books “on tape” that I downloaded to my Kindle Fire. One is on Copernicus.

He was born in Danzig, or what we know today as Gdansk, Poland. It’s on the shores of the Baltic Sea. I am fascinated by this region, partly because it’s where some of my ancestors hailed from before America.

One section in particular caught my attention as I was listening. It’s about bread tariffs and politics and the Church.

There’s mention of the governor of Pomerania, the name of this region, leading me to wonder about other leaders of this area throughout history. Now I’m looking for a list.

Bread was apparently an important staple in the diet of most, including the peasants. Copernicus tied the size of a penny loaf to fluctuations in the price of wheat. When wheat was cheap, the size of the loaf increased and vice versa, when prices soared. But the price remained the same: a penny.

I also heard a key bit of history. Mom’s side of the family have been Lutherans for a very long time. So hearing about a bishop banishing all Lutherans from the province is revealing. Lutheranism must have been catching on during this time, but Catholicism still reigned.

Bishop Dantiscus is the man who was so anti-Lutheran. I will have to read more about him.

I don’t know when my ancestors arrived in Pomerania, but they likely were colonists from more western parts of what we know today as Germany.




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