Every day in April an average of 173 children were caught entering the country illegally & now they live here

The Office of Refugee Resettlement.

The name says it all, really.

That’s the bureaucracy behind the chaos that it is federal policy on those crossing our southern border illegally.

A unit within is the Unaccompanied Children’s Services. These folks take custody of minors who have entered the country without permission. Rather than being sent home, these kids are placed in homes throughout the country.

I doubt most Americans realize what’s happening out there. The remaking of America, the atonement for its collective sins, is well underway, just as Obama promised.

For every day in April the Border Patrol intercepted, on average, 173 children entering the United States illegally. These children were then released to the Office of Refugee Resettlement for placement in cities across America.

Look, I like kids. And I am sure their lives elsewhere are not necessarily easy or pleasant. However, that does not give them or the federal government the right to break our laws, to enter the United States and live here without going through the immigration process.

So the feds classify folks, including kids, crossing the southern border without permission as refugees? Has this been debated in the Congress? Has a law been passed declaring such? Of course not.



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