My Twitterverse

I love Twitter. I use it as a sort of daily journaling archive. It’s a way for me to keep track of what I’ve been doing, whether reading an article in the daily paper or researching some of the family history.

I don’t expect folks to care or follow what I write. I comment on all kinds of stuff, including politics. I have lots of opinions.

However, I do enjoy reading what others say. I like to keep tabs on what’s happening out there.

And so do a few more famous folks than I. I don’t know why, but Chicago Tribune columnist Clarence Page, NFL cornerback Adam ‘Pacman’ Jones, and now radio talk show host John Batchelor are all following me, or, more accurately, my Twitter feed.

I don’t know how actively they read anything on Twitter, let alone anything I write. But I am honored to have these fellas along for the ride.

Sure, there’s a lot of garbage and tons of spammy, fake accounts. But there’s also very witty, real people on Twitter, too.



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