Newseum strikes out with #WithoutNews activism


Just went to glance at a few front pages from newspapers worldwide and I was greeted with a news blackout from the folks at the Newseum, which hosts the images and are updated daily. Talk about lame.

Sure, I get it. Reporters are often risking their very lives doing their jobs. And for that I am very appreciative. The latest were working for National Public Radio and killed in Afghanistan.

Blocking folks from seeing the day’s front pages? Seems a bit counter to your message.

I would like to keep up with what’s happening in the world. The Newseum’s front page project is one of the few places left where people like me can read a newspaper from half a world away. But, sadly, they gave us a blackout instead.

Hashtag campaigns can only do so much. My complaint, however, isn’t with the hashtag campaign. It’s the decision to block out every single front page. Annoying. Counterproductive. Lame.




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