Like me, actor Scott Baio ain’t a fan of Hillary & her sycophants.

The actor has been busy posting a wealth of material on his Twitter feed about the 2016 campaign. He’s not a Hollywood liberal. Far from it.

I know him from my days as an impressionable kid watching Charles in Charge and then his stint aside Dick Van Dyke on the overly formulaic Diagnosis: Murder.

A rape case at Stanford has been in the news lately, and the lax punishment from a judge has prompted outcries and criticism from many. I, too, have questions.

Someone, apparently writing on Facebook, compared and contrasted the Stanford case with another, where Hillary Clinton represented the defendant.


You don’t hear much about the case, unless you dig for it. I watched a TV report on it awhile back. I will have to see if I can find it again. It was fascinating.



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