For the egomaniacs amongst us

This is for David S. Cohen, a radical leftist masquerading as an assistant professor at Drexel University ironically in Philadelphia who thinks the US Constitution is crap. It’s sort of an intervention.

Egomania is also known as an obsessive preoccupation with one’s self and applies to someone who follows their own ungoverned impulses and is possessed by delusions of personal greatness and feels a lack of appreciation. Someone suffering from this extreme egocentric focus is an egomaniac.

You see, Mr. Cohen wants to scrap the Constitution and replace it with whatever he deems modern and correct. How far he’ll go, I’m not sure. But the track record of previous radicals doesn’t provide me much comfort.

We’ve been having a back and forth on Twitter.

He’s had enough of guns, so his first target is the Second Amendment. That’s the one declaring that American citizens have the right to buy, own, and use firearms.

Mr. Cohen recently wrote a piece published by Rolling Stone on his constitutional philosophy. That he is teaching law to impressionable future jurists is alarming.

He is of the opinion that he is better than the Founders in determining what our modern age needs. He’s more equipped than Ben Franklin, George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Alexander Hamilton, James Madison, George Mason, Patrick Henry and the countless others who helped form the nation and draft the Constitution.

To me, that’s quite delusional and self-important. But, of course, in the age of the selfie, it really isn’t surprising.

I am sure there are many others who think the same. Why should we listen to these dead, racist, misogynistic white men? We know better.



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