I’m like Cher & Kathy Griffin. I love the gays.

From Elton John to Paul Lynde, they have entertained me so. There are a lot of talented, wonderful people who happen to be homosexual. I’ve never counted that against them.

I still listen to their music. I still watch them on the TV. I still hunt down old clips on the YouTube. They help me laugh. Life can be a bit too serious at times.

Some have been friends. Others are relatives. We have different worldviews. Yet, we agree on one fundamental point.

Anyone who advocates violence against people, no matter the reason, deserves condemnation and shunning. And if that doesn’t work, then a bullet to the head.

That’s why I am not a big fan of Islam and its tendencies towards directing people to murder folks with different values and opinions.

It’s not a time for shouting people down. It’s not a time for telling people that a joke can’t be said. Or that a Christian can’t express his core values.

I am curious what the Westboro nuts have to say about Orlando. Probably the same old, same old.

Jesus preached a message of love, and love is what the world needs right now, and forever.



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