The president is a bigger schmuck than I realized

Obama, President Obama, really said this? He’s a bigger schmuck than I thought. Imagine a Republican saying this. How the media would react. They are all schmuckery.

I haven’t been paying much attention. I try not to. I do my best to avoid President Obama, particularly his voice. He’s such a double-talker, a slick politician, that I can’t stand listening to him. Basically, he’s a liar, and I find it difficult to listen to anything the man says.

So it’s not surprising that he said Trump is doing the work of the terrorists. Of course, it’s nonsense. Terrorists will be terrorists no matter what Trump says. It’s a convenient excuse to avoid confronting the problem head-on.

I don’t know why leftists and liberals are so averse to pointing out Islamic extremism, but we can’t afford to let them figure it out while in office. There’s been too much death and murder already.


Anyone wanting to learn more about the wonderful Yiddish word schmuck should read the Wiki page on it.


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