The folks at Salon, particularly Mr. Scott Eric Kaufman, might wanna invest in a dictionary & perhaps a thesaurus, too.

So I’ve been reading a bit about Samantha Bee’s comments on prayer relating to the terrorist attack in Orlando and the reactions to her. The top hit on my Google search is a piece from Salon written by a fella named

Kaufman reacts to commentary by Bill O’Reilly and Dennis Miller on Fox News. Of course, as is typical these days, Mr. blatantly mischaracterizes what O’Reilly and Miller said.

He uses the word incensed, meaning very angry or enraged. Now, I’ve watched the clip, and Miller and O’Reilly are everything but incensed.

They are so mild, nearly milquetoast, in their criticism that Kaufman should be embarrassed enough to quit. Of course, he won’t. Because he’s a leftist activist, member in good standing. Lying is part of the job in the fight against conservatism.

So my suggestion is that Mr. Kaufman consult a dictionary to learn a word’s meaning before using it incorrectly. Perhaps his editors at Salon can help him invest in one, and perhaps a thesaurus, too, would help.

Or even better yet, don’t lie.



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