I’m very thankful

I’m very thankful for the NRA.
Protecting our rights.

The latest debate on guns shows just who thinks what. As per the norm, it pits conservatives versus liberals, more generally Democrats versus Republicans.

Now Dems are the ones who trumpet rights — civil rights, equal rights, etc. — ad nauseam. That’s the narrative, at least. And the media go along, as they have for decades.

So it is odd to hear about the due process rights of the public continually from the mouths of Republicans in office. It is the Democrats, such as Mommie Dearest Senator Feinstein, who have conveniently ignored due process in their proposed legislation, which is why Republicans have opposed it.

So who is it really that cares about dues process and the rights of the average American citizen? Which political party is playing around with people’s lives?

Anyone who is erroneously placed on a watch list or no fly list must have a speedy and easily accessible way to challenge the mistake.

I, like the NRA and anyone else with a brain, want to prevent Islamist radicals from abusing our freedoms by having access to guns.

Of course, the ideal situation would be where terrorists are tracked partially via gun purchases and then arrested before any attacks. That’s what should have happened in Florida. But it didn’t. The FBI screwed up. Big time.

Since the government can’t be trusted to surveil the right people, despite mountains of evidence, we can’t trust the government to handle a terrorist after he buys weapons. They are too clueless to even keep the name of a dangerous man on a terror watch list.

Without blowback from the likes of the NRA, the bureaucracy would be routinely trampling on our rights. They are already doing, and getting away with, too much of it.



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